AC Compressor Video

Air conditioning is important here in Richmond, TX. The AC compressor is considered the heart of the air conditioning system since it pumps compressed refrigerant throughout the entire system. It plays a critical role in a complex process, that makes sure that your car stays cool when you want it to. Operating your AC on a regular basis can help keep parts lubricated and running smoothly, but, if it takes too long to cool down the cabin, an inspection may be necessary. Ask your service advisor at Auto Max Elite to have your AC compressor checked if your AC is not cooling the way it should, or if there are odd smells. If the compressor fails, the rest of the system fails with it, and your car, truck, or SUV may not cool the car on a hot day or defrost the windows when cold since there’s no way to move the refrigerant through the system. If ignored long enough, you may need to replace the clutch or even the entire compressor. From a safety standpoint, there is a minimal safety risk to the driver or occupants of your vehicle, but the air in the cabin can become uncomfortable. Leaking refrigerant can be poisonous if ingested by children, pets, and other animals. If you believe your Air Conditioning compressor may need repair, call Auto Max Elite or schedule an appointment online today.